Friday, October 4, 2013

My room on Fogo Loch

Inspired after visiting the village I talked to a King about a small house on Fogo. But all houses were occupied. On the other hand, being a Royal I could get a room inside the castle.  So, now it's official - from now on I live in the castle of Fogo Loch. Fire was very kind to make a new sign and to provide me the key. Well, guys, when you see a strange scary dark figure  walking through the corridors of Fogo Loch Castle with its eyes half-shut and making funny noises, don't be scared - it might be just me on my way to the castle bar for a shot of my sleep medicine.

The room has its own Fireplace. And fortunately this is the silent one - it doesn't report to me about the status of its log consumption! That would be nice to sit here in front of it with my friend Jack Daniels.

There is something very special about this room. It's situated perfectlyinside the castle and lets the sun rays to create the beautiful shining effect. Actually. the cosy style of this room reflects the feeling of Fogo Loch very well and feels quite home. And one very nice thing of living in a Castle. There is a room service, so I get my breakfast presented every morning. 

Just one strange thing in the room was the plant growing along one of its walls. King told me that it has always been there. It was created by the strange ancient magic spell nobody could get it undone. Well, I like that little piece of nature in my room and decorated it with a bench and a gas lamp, so it would look like a small piece of a park. My own piece of park inside.

There is also a bed in the room, but I shall not show you it. Those who feel curious are very welcome to visit and see or even try that bed together with me. Hehe. Well, actually I need to buy a new one. This feels a bit too short.

And I found a very interesting surprise inside my room. There were a kind of a small glory hole on one of its walls. So I can spy on my neighbor Hansel.

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