Saturday, October 5, 2013

Snow - the Family Man on Fogo Loch

Today I continued meeting the new guys on Fogo Loch and making some little chats to get to know them better. I thought it might be interesting for you to tell more on some of our inhabitants. So, meet Snow. He is a nice and friendly guy from Canada. He was born in the winter, the time when snow dominates the most of Canadian landscapes. That explain his name. He is a very open and friendly guy who eagerly makes a chat.

Snow lives in the village in the house number 8. He was very kind to invite me to visit him there. His decorating style is simple, but it fits the character of the house very well. It's rustique as the village life is supposed to be. Two chairs and a wooden sofa - enough place to sit for friends and guests. Yes, Snow likes the family feeling a lot as well as he likes making the new friends. That is exactly what attracted him at Fogo Loch - the family feeling and a lot of nice guys. You are welcome, Snow, it's nice to have you as a part of our big family. Of course you are curious if Snow has a bed. Well, he doesn't. But that big piece of beer pretending to be a rug on the floor can be a nice alternative to a bed in its different aspects.

Snow is lieged to our Duke Randy Firebrand. He is fascinated by wolfs and lycans and wants to become a lycan himself. But so far he is just observing the life on Fogo Loch inside his human form and learns. Once the day will come when he becomes a lycan. And so far he is just running around the Fogo Loch like a playful cub and wiggles his tail when he sees his friends. Enough potential to reach his dream.

Well, guys, you might want to know more about Snow. I'd say the best to get to know him better is just to meet him inworld. 

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