Friday, October 11, 2013

The consolation

Well, it was a bit tough to choose a subject for today to write about.Cause too many things were happening at the same time. But I guess, first things first. I've already introduced you the winners of the Fogo Loch House Decoration Contest: Page and Snow Well I think it would be completely unfair if I don't mention the other participants. All guys have performed a great work and have shown a lot of creativity. So, I just keep showing you the results. And they are the winners as well - hey were officially granted the Consolation prize (or as our King says, the Surprise Prize).

Meet the House number 3 decorated by David. I don't know this guy well, so can't tell you anything about him, so let's just look at his style. Probably something more for a castle room than for a village house, but it's definitely appealing.  Probably we see a good potential here for him to become a Royal. And definitely an eye for detail and a good taste.

I guess I have to ask David where he has bought that bed and that chair. The chair would definitely fit the spot near the Fireplace. Perfect to sit on watching the flames and smoking a pipe.

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