Monday, October 14, 2013

The Lonely Vampire's Nest

First a good news, guys. I am glad to inform you, that everyone has survived the Haunted Hotel. Although there is no check-out policy, but we could seal the deal with the Hotel management. A big bottle of Aged Moonshine, a couple liters of blood and a sacrificed virgin helped a lot to come to the agreement.

Another good news is that I am recovered from the Haunted Shock and can continue showing you the Village Decorations. But first - please, remember to sign in for the Scavenger Hunt by October 16th. The Hunt will take place on Saturday, October 19th and there are still volunteers needed.

So, today we shall visit the House #5. Once I entered I got the strong feeling of a Lonely Vampire's Nest. You know, vampires are always traveling in style. It doesn't matter if they stay in a small village house or a big castle - they always create that simplicity of class and comfort. Looking at those pictures it's easy to realize who is the owner of the place. But that simple comfort is so appealing and inviting that you can't resist just to take a sit on that sofa and have some rest before running away. Who knows, probably it's just exactly what is expected of you.

If you never met him, you might being asking yourself who Sky is and how he looks like. Well, you've already seen him in the previous entry about the Haunted Hotel. It's the laughing guy with the axe in his head. And you can see another picture of him at the end here.

And here is Sky:

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