Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last Fogo News, October 10th

There are some recent changes on Fogo and you can feel it in the air. I noticed it at the same time I came there on the LP. The air was filled with a strange haunting sound. It was playing on my nerves and felt as if it could suck the last hope right from my heart. And if it wasn't enough on its own, I could hear the creepy growling sound from time to time. All together it turned the usual cosy LP of Fogo Loch into a real horror place. I've searched for the source of the sound and finally found it. And here it is - the Wolf from Hell who was placed on the sim by Rhys Calhouon as a teaser for the upcoming Tour through the Haunted House. The event is planned on Saturday, the 12th, Noon SLT. I hope you guys have read the Notecard by our Duke Fire. No special preparation is needed. Just take your usual Valium. Or make a joint to calm your nerves.

And I hope you've also read the note by our other Duke Servius about the upcoming events for the weekend after. On October 19 (yes, it's Saturday again, but the different one) the scavenger hunt will be organized on Fogo Loch with riddles and nice (and hopefully funny) time together with the family. There are also some Linden rewards for the best explorers. And to all Royals - I hope you can volunteer for a team leader position and give a notice to Servius by October 16 th.


Well, and our Prince was very productive (or hungry) yesterday. I will not describe the bloody mess he might left after his usual vampire feeding, but I will certainly mention the two new family members he brought to Fogo Loch yesterday. The first one is Wilson from USA. I haven't met him yet. And the second one is Bret from Florida USA. I was there when Bret was turned into a bloodtoy, but pity enough I forgot to spy and make a picture of that transformation moment. Anyway - here is the very first picture of him on Fogo Loch. He was just one day old yesterday, so I guess he needs a lot to learn and can use some friendly advice.

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