Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Project: Lazy weekend man cave

A challenge to exercise my decorating skills.

Making a man cave style place to spend long winter evenings based on Thor's Lazy Weekend Skybox. Not a football and a TV, but more a creative kind of guy who uses it as a hobby room.

And here is the result.

1. The bar. Spirits as a fuel for creativity to make the spirit of a true poet free. And coffee, another type of a fuel to bring the process to a completion.

2. The Wall of fame. The charming simplicity of expressing romantic feelings in a male way. Candles, guitar and wall art. What else do you need? Some practical staff of course like lights and clocks. And books. Just to provide some basic exercises for the brain (more like giving the others an idea I still know how to read).

3. No, it's not a crazy cat lady place. Just a heater to keep it warm and a bed to dream in comfort while lying down and staring out of window. And you know, it's kind of a law of nature - once it's warm and soft, a cat appears to take the place. Kind of pussy magnet thing.

4. The creativity corner. The place where the magic happens and the elusive dreams get their material form in shapes and colors. And what I do here is secret.


Picture 1. The Bar.

Lazy weekend skybox and gacha at Cosmopolitan
Lazy Weekend Skybox
Old Shelved Log
Old Demijohn
Oil Lamp

Old Guest Book
Vintage Telephone with sound
Cup Of Coffee
Post Cards  - Wallv
Grog Mug (rez)
Glass rack
Vintage DIY Drawers
Vintage Desk  Lamp
Snooker Lamp /with chains/ (SwagBag,November, 2017)

Blair Bar (set at Cosmopolitan)
Blair Bar - Stool (Wood)
Blair Bar - Wall Decor 01

Vineyard Bottle Holder - DARK wood (The Chapter Four, February 2017)

Coffe Corner w/materials

Apple Fall
Deer Skull

The Den [Military] Postcard

HunterWall Rack (SwagBag,November, 2017)
Hunter - Rifle (SwagBag,November, 2017)

Tartessos Arts
Drinks Tray

Picture 2. The Wall of fame

Lazy Weekend Skybox and Gacha (at Cosmopolitan)
Lazy Weekend Skybox
Handmade Coffeetable
Vintage Chesterfield Sofa

SwagBag Man cave set (SwagBag, November 2016)
"Eightball" Ashrtay
Pool Balls Candles
Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke)

bookshelf Vertical B

Old Map

3D Villian Wall Art (SwagBag, August 2016)

Herman Apothecary Set White (The Mens Dept, February 2017)
Herman Hanging Bulb White
Herman SL Clock White
Herman London Clock White
Herman New York Clock White

The Den [Military] set (mainstore)
The Den [Military] Cheer up
The Den [Military] Rug

Picture 3. The warm and soft side.

Lazy Weekend Skybox and Gacha (at Cosmopolitan):
Lazy Weekend Skybox
Vintage Room Heater RARE

Meowix The Cat (lying) /GIFT/
Licking Red Cat /GIFT/

Apt B
 Pallet Bed

Picture 4. The creativity corner.

Lazy Weekend Skybox and Gacha (at Cosmopolitan)
Lazy Weekend Skybox
Old Hobby Table Lamp
Sketchbook with Sheets

Wood Letters Holder
Old Jug With Projects
Color Scale Poster
Vintage Reception Chair

Vintage DIY Entryway

Apple Fall
Photographers' Easel
Design Books

Recycled Desk (mainstore)

Amsterdam Industrial Ceiling Lamp (bought at 6Republic event Australia vs. Amsterdam)

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