Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pottery's childhood

Do you know how the garden pots spend their childhood before they become mature enough for their duty in your garden? Here is a little sneak peak in a Pottery's nursery.


Pot People version 2 by GOOSE
Eight funny pot people are presented at Shiny Shabby as a gacha with seven commons and one rare. A nice replacer for your usual garden dwarf, so he can finally enjoy his retirement in a barn. Each pot has a land impact from 1 to 3. The price is 70L per play.
The pot people used on the picture are:
- fish pot
- stolen head pot
- bath pot RARE
- work pot
- welcome pot
- swing pot
- lazy pot

@Shiny Shabby

And in case you need more of those funny folks, the first version of pot people is available at GOOSE mainstore.

Other credits:

Little Branch
LB_Hill v1
LB_Wild Grass {Green}
LB_Autumn Brise{4Seasons}
LB_Mystic Board Leaf. v2{4Seasons}
LB_Buck Thorn.v2{4Seasons)
@Little Branch store (the store at Cosmopolitan, mainstore will be opened again in March)

Sky Water System, Natural water

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