Thursday, January 26, 2017

A piece of spring

Sometimes you need a little piece of spring. Right in the middle of winter. Well, nothing is impossible here.


The Woodburning Stove by CHEZ MOI is not just a cosy fireplace to warm those cold winter days or let the snow melt. Its adult version can turn some hot fantasies into reality. The land impact is just 6. The price is 360L for a PG version and 600L for an adult one. There are options to put light, particles, fire and sound on or off. Available at the current round of Très Chic  (, January 17th - February 10th 2017).

Victoria's Greenhouse by Fiasco is a Victorian style place for a winter garden, a piece of tropical jungle or just a shelter with transparent walls. It has a 10x13 platform with a land impact of 19. Available at Draftsman for 400L (


Scene and props

Woodburning Stove Luxurious (Très Chic, Jan 17th - Feb 10th, 2017)
also used for posing

Victoria's Greenhouse (Draftsman, Jan 2017)

Hollyhocks /orange/
Wildflowers - Bluebells - /White/

PuffyGrass /Green/

[PM]Pixel Mode
Snow Forms - Rough Mound

Garden Tree08

A Snow Covered Cliff

Apple Fall
Gatekeepers' Lodge RARE

Light and Photography
LumiPro 2017



Stray Dog
OWEN skin /for Signature head/ (SwagBag, January 2017)

Tableau Vivant
Oliver hair /M, Naturals II/ (The Mens Dept, January 2017)

Joseph Suit Jakcet  /Strip Brown - Signature/ (TMD, January 2017)
Joseph Suit Trousers/Strip Brown - Signature/ (TMD, January 2017)
Joseph Suit Scarf/Strip Brown - Signature/ (TMD, January 2017)

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