Monday, January 30, 2017

A dreamer's escape

Each dreamer has a secret escape. May of them actually. The place to run away form the daily routine and let imagination fly.


The "Let's fly" hot air balloon by GOOSE promises to bring your imagination as high as you want while staying locked on the ground. Or just to be a romantic place for a date with its Friends, Cuddles and Adult poses. The item has a land impact of 21 and there are 4 color variations. The price is 750L. I've got my version with 50% discount at Hello Tuesday, so it's worth to look around at Cosmopolitan on Tuesdays. The link to the GOOSE shop at Cosmo -


Let's fly away (store)

Storyteller's Burrow - Garden House RARE (store)

Twin Palm 2 (marketplace)
Alligator Apple Bush (marketplace)
Zingiberaceae (marketplace)
Bamboo Palm (marketplace)

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