Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pizza party!

No bread? No cakes? Let's make pizza! The firewood oven is hot and ready and the tables are set out. Ready to take your order of your favorite pizza.


Pizza party set includes a firewood oven, tables chairs, placemats and even a pot of daisies for decoration. The oven has place for 1 or 2 avatars and 68 (PG) or 130 (Adult) animations (activities, single, couple and adult). Gives 8 pizza variations. Chairs and a table have 8 color for the textures with 27 + 4 animations for a chair. For more information, please, visit CHEZ MOI Blog.
Available at Très Chic (October 17th - November 10th).

Fall Picnic Table from the Fall Picnic set made for the October issue of Deco(c)rate. With a place for 4 avatars and 90 (PG) or 158 (Adult) animations to choose from and different food variations to get on the plates. More on CHEZ MOI blog.
Available via Deco(c)rate, October issue, Harvest Moon.

Wall sections from the Spooky Spider Gate are also used. No gate is shown due to arachnophobia issues, but you can view it at CHEZ MOI Blog.
It's the last day to get it from Cosmopolitan (till October 21st).

Decor Junction and Shutter Field
DJ  / SF Barn Pergola is a good shelter for any open air party with just 7 prims land impact.
Available at Shiny Shabby (October 20th - November 15th).

Nordic floor lantern in two sizes - big and small with light on and off function. Just 1 prim land impact.
Available at GOOSE mainstore.

Other credits:

WW - Horse Chestnut - Mature

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