Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Halloween memoirs

Tricks and treats, the costumes kids were wearing, decorations neighbors at neighbors, candies I got or shared. Everything will be written down in those thick books of my memoirs!


Dean Fall Fireplace set to bring light and warmth to the dark evenings of fall. Includes a fireplace and a stool. 3 prims Land Impact each.
Available at The Project Se7en till October 30th

Halloween Decor Gacha with tricks AND treats!
Available at SaNaRae till October 18th.
Please see the gacha key below:

Poe's Writing Desk set with all you need to keep records of the candies you've got on Halloween. 
Availalble at Salem till October 31st.

Also used those big thick book and book piles from Victorian Book Stand Gacha available at Lootbox till October 20th. 

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