Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hotel Cortez check in

Welcome to Hotel Cortez! Sorry, we are very busy during the Halloween night. No vacancies! Perhaps... if you don't mind to take this room. It's still in the middle of renovation, so, please, don't mind the broken tiles and stains on the walls. But all the original Art Deco furniture is restored.


New Church
:: N :: Wei Craftsman Vanity Set is a wooden vanity set (textured with oak wood) with nice Art Deco elements. Supplied with towels and toiletries.

If you was late to buy it from the On9 event (closed on October 28th), it will be available at the main store this week.

Disclaimer: To use the parts of the set like shown on the picture you might need to use Modify function with Edit Linked option turned on.

Other credits:

Death Row Designs
MM1 - Mystery Mansion - RARE

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