Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Leaky Cauldron Suite

Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron! We've prepared a room for you! Your possessions are already placed there and small refreshments are waiting.


Spooky Bed is a Halloween ready bad with 14 prims land impact and a lot of animations - single, couples and adult (in adult version)! More information on CHEZ MOI blog.
Available at On9 event (October 9th - 28th)

Serenity Style
Yram Strange Travel is inspired by Lolitas Nightmare theme of Secret Hideout event and makes it possible to travel in style. Dark style of course! Stage, two suitcases and an alarm clock.
Available at the Secret Hideout event (October 8th - 31st)

Bee Designs
For this picture I've borrowd just a couple of items from the Halloween Party Gacha - a table, some bat winged soft drinks and ghost fondants. But please, check the full overview of these gacha treats below.
Available at the Liaison Collaborative (October 7th - 30th)

Death Row Designs
DRD - MM1 - Mystery Mansion (retired gacha rare item).

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