Sunday, October 8, 2017

Enchanted Forest nowadays

What was known as Enchanted Forest once upon a time... is now called the "Old Smokems' Mountains National Forest." The forester lodge looks exactly like the witch's house... But, please, come in, enter the forest and enjoy your walk. Just don't forget the red apple at the entrance. It's a gift...


Old Smokem's Park gacha set contains the different parts of wooden fences, paths and signs... all what you need to mark a walking path through a forest.
Available at the Gacha Guardians, October 1st - 31st.
Please, check the gacha key:

Bee Design
Good & Bad Witches gacha is a set containing two houses of a good and a bad witch including the accessories.
Available at The Chapter Four till November 1st.
Please, check the gacha key:

Serenity Style
Autumn Cart and Decor, just in case you'd like to share the gifts of the fall like pumpkins or red apples, use this cart to bring them around. Different land impact, 12 prims all together.
Available at the new Le Six event
Have a closer look:

Other credits:

WW - Horse Chestnut - Mature

Wild Grass Type 6 short brown
Wild Grass Type 4 dry

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