Saturday, October 14, 2017

Midnight Blues

There are many ways to play the blues. This is the Lonely Dude's version.


A&D Clothing
Blazer -Enzo- is a hand tailored blazer in linen and a Henley cotton shirt. A 100% original mesh with the special versions for Classic, Slink, TMP, Signature and Jake avatars. Comes in 18 colors (10 fat pack exclusives) for linen, 22 for blazer cuffs (18 fat pack exclusives), 13 for T-shirt (10 fat pack exclusives). T-shirt can be on and off. Four button colors. Demo is available.

You probably recognize the room decorated with Smell Like The Dude Spirit gacha items (available at the Man Cave Event  till November 1st). And I told you about the funny animations. Here is the one from the Dirty Piano Shelf (bier bottle included).

Also used: Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Other credits:

[ hoorenbeek ]
MFS - Pants

Strider boots - fitted (cut) - ice blue - L

Narcotic (Unrigged)



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