Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Waves watchers

There are many ways to watch the waves. What's yours? Lying down comfortably while listening to the sea? Or climbing as high as possible to be able to observe as much as you can?


Serenity Style
The Chris Summer set is now available at The Liaison Collaborative from July 7, 2017. It includes a Baywatch Tower, a Beach Bed and a Lamp/Beach post (in three variations). Land impacts are - 6 for the tower, 13 for the bed and 1 for each post.

And for this month issue of Deco(c)rate there is a Iri Beach Hut. In three color variations - pink, blue or shabby (the last one matches perfectly the Chris summer set as you can see). Just 4 prims land impact.

And those with sharp ice might also notice the Counting Waves Bungalow RARE on the background.

Other credits:

Driftwood II - Let's watch ocean together

Wild Grass Type 3 mix
Wild Grass Type 6 olive
Triple Palm Tall
Driftwood 2

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