Friday, July 21, 2017


Feeling alive again! That freedom of movement! Enjoying the power of my body as I am able to move again due to the bone injector.


Death Row Designs
Invites you to experience the legend of an apocalyptic Wasteland world at the Indie Teepee festival (July 21 - August 6) with this Bone Injector and Dirty Combats. There is also a Westland clothing outfit for Slink and Maitreya body (female, not shows on this picture).

Metal Mohawk gives a nice finishing touch to the outfit. Available at the N21 event (July 21 - August 12).

Other credits:

RK Poses
Fearless pose set

L&B Swear 
"Survivor Moto" Jeans Mens

Isuka Tattoos
23:4 tattoo
from The Hipster Event (open now till August 6)

Brox skin

Gianni body

Light: LumiPro 2017

Location: Whole Wheat (mainstore), post apocalyptic crashed plane camp by DRD.

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