Friday, July 14, 2017

Laundry fun

Look, it's a sunny day today! So let's have some fun! No, we don't go to the beach. It's laundry day today as we'll need all the warmth the sun can give us to dry those sheets! Oh, that will be fun, I promise! Everything can be fun when done on the roof!


Presents the new Laundry Day set at Ultra event tomorrow (July 15 - August 10). So let's check out inventories for dirty clothes and make it all clean and fresh again! Next to hanging clothes animation the line has many couiple animations from mild to wild. The washtub has three washing animations. you can check the full list of features at CHEZ MOI blog.

Other credits:

(Milk Motion)
roofs of Paris - The roofs

[Schultz Bros.]
Old Fashioned Stool
1897 Utility Sink
Dollhouse Laundry Shelf
Old Wash Basin

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