Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dwelling on my past

Come, have a drink with me. Let me tell you about the beginnings. See that grungy wreck around you? That is where it all has started. My affair with the DRD family. And today, almost a year later I've got an executive chair from them! That was quite an exciting journey!


Death Row Designs
The trashy executive collection is presented at the current round of The Mens Dept.(July 5th - 31st). On the picture: The Trashy Executive Chair (PG or Adult) And The Executive Table - Full (drinks and cigars are on house).

Also used and old DRD item: Makeshift Refuge.

A&D Clothing designs
You probably remember those stylish Milano shoes from this post. Yes, I decided to keep them. Especially they are making a good match with my new not so executive suit.

Other credits:

Crystal Collar Jacket (Signature) L
Ripped Knee Pants L [Paisley]
Also from the current round of The Mens Dept (July 5 - 31)




Lights: LumiPro 2017

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