Friday, July 28, 2017

Short break

It doesn't matter what point view to take to watch the sea. After this short break I'll take my boat and go to watch the sea from the other side. Never get bored with it.


A new set that consists of a May T-shirt and Newera jeans. Presented at Men Only Monthly event (till August 15th). Salut sneakers are uses to complete the outfit. All in 100% mesh, several texture variations, fat pack with a discount. Special versions for TMP, Signature Gianni avatars next to the usual fitmesh.

Double Adirondack Chair in three texture variations and Windshield Malibu are presented at the current round of Limit8 event (July 18 - August 13). The Chair comes with 56 animations in PG and 106 in Adult version and several textures for the cushions (can be changed separately). More info about the set is on CHEZ MOI blog.

Serenity Style
A Beach collection gacha from the April round of The Corssroads. Still perfect for the summer days. the products used on the picture are:
Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Boat RARE
Serenity Style- Sunny Lifeguards
Serenity Style- Sunny Fisherman Bucket
Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Lamp
Serenity Style- Sunny Beach Board

Baywatch Tower from the current round of The Liaison Collaborative (still open till July 30) is also used.
The Chris Summer set is now available at The Liaison Collaborative from July 7, 2017. It includes a Baywatch Tower, a Beach Bed and a Lamp/Beach post (in three variations). Land impacts are - 6 for the tower, 13 for the bed and 1 for each post.

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