Friday, December 23, 2016


A creative mind multiplied by a hunger for knowledge and amplified with the urge to find what is hidden beyond the common. A dangerous concoction when put inside an investigator's head. From other side... nothing becomes impossible.


Party balloons by Mushilu come in 4 different packs and each of them includes seven balloons of matching style. A great addition to any party or a perfect instrument to fight the laws of gravitation and reach the sky. Each balloon has a Li = 2, One pack of 7 costs 99L and the fatpack for 350L

Available at the current round of Très Chic event December 17th - January 10th,



Ballons Magic Metal Prints set, pack of 7 (Très Chic event, December 2016)

Death Row Designs
DRD Gazebo rusted (mainstore, 30% cash payback valid through December 31th)
DRD old gazebo bench rust (mainstore, 30% cash payback valid through December 31th)


Steampunk mesh outfit (Shiny Shabby. December 2016)

Lights and photography

LumiPro 2017

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