Sunday, December 18, 2016

Le café achromatique

The first cup of coffee on the Xmas morning to bring the day into life. Surrounded by the tranquility of monochromatic decorations with art-deco elements.


A skybox City Loft by ChiC buildings is a one room art-deco style living space "in the middle of Paris". With a land impact of 24 and a footprint of 16x20x10 it will fit the most parcels. There are three cityscapes, one cloud image and a clear transparent texture option available as windows view. Available for 500L at Très Chic event (, December 17th - January 10th).

And for decoration Aubrey provides a "Marble Christmas" home decoration set consisting of a "Paris" fireplace (rare), two "New York" coffee tables (bronze and silver). "Munich" table, "London" desk, "Mariah" advent calender, festive garland, "Toronto" chair and a "Berlin" chair. Available as gacha with 8 commons and 1 rare for 70L per play at Très Chic event (December 17th - January 10th, ).


ChiC buildings
[Cb] City Loft Skybox v1.1

Marble Christmas Gacha
The "Paris" Fireplace /rare/
The "London" Desk
The "Berlin" Chair
The "New York" Table /Silver/
 The "Mariah" Advent calender

Gustavian Winter gacha
Baubles Wreath
Baubles Tree
Ornamental Trees
Jack in the Box /rare/
Antique Jewellery Box /rare/

Apple Fall 
White Iris
Coffee & Muffin

The Loft & Aria
Oberlin Coffee Tray

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