Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cooling down

That feeling when you take your coat off, untie the bow tie, unbutton the shirt and feel the icy touch of cold air cooling down the bare skin. Or take the shoes off and put the burning feet into the snow. The real life winter doesn't allow this level of intimacy to last long without consequences. The second life imagination is different story.


Shutter Field has introduced  a camp bed for the next round of Très Chic event (December17th - January 10th at ). A peculiar choice for winter I thought. But from another point... that could be a nice dream of a true worshiper of winter. A night spent on a camp bed in the middle of the winter forest. The silence of snow cover landscape, mysterious moon light and freezing coldness around. And to keep yourself worm there are extra warm blankets on a side table.

The bed will be available at Très Chic, but is now displayed on preview at the Shutter Field Store (see the link under Credits). I see the bed in four different texture variations with a land impact of 4. The side table with blankets is presented in two texture variations with a land impact of 1.

Outfit used to match the blue tinted winter landscape consists of MGMen's Sven Outfit consisting of pants, shirt and bow tie. Is available at Signature Event ( And to keep my head from freezing I used a hat from MGMen's Mipo winter outfit consisting of a coat with a scarf, a hat and a pair of pants. It's available at Men Only Monthly event (



Signature mesh avatar Gianni 
Body, Head

L'Etre Homme
Gianni skin applier /Cotton tone/ (Signature Event, December 2016)

Michael Head applier /beard applied, tone 5/ (Signature Event, December 2016)

MGmen's_T-shirt_Sven /Signature_Gianni/ (Signature, December 2016)
MGmen's_Pants_Sven (Signature_Gianni/ (Signature, December 2016)
MGmen's_Bowtie_Sven /signature_Dianni/ (Signature, December 2016)

Mipo outfit (Men Only Monthly, November-December 2016)

Scene and props

Picture is made at the Shutter Field and Serenity Style store ( with the following items on the foreground:

DJ / SF camp bed
DJ / SF Camp Table with Blankets

Photography and lights
LumiPro 2016 (the next 2017 version is arrived, so very excited to try it too).

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