Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big American Dream II: Searching for apartments

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The fall has come and brought the cold wind and rainy days. My dreams of becoming a great artist couldn't keep me warm anymore when I was sleeping on the bench in front of the Art House. It's time to find a house or an apartment or even a small corner somewhere in a dry and warm place. So, today I decided to go and search for the place I can call home for the next couple of years.

The prices per square meter in a big city are frightening when I compare them to my home place. And even a square meter itself looks much less in a city measurements. But well, now I have some income, I probably can find something suitable.

Let's start from that container house on the backside of the city. The house itself doesn't really look inviting and the surroundings are far from the touristic view, but the nice green trees fort he window might make it look cosy.

But not sure I am ready to spent my life in a place that looks like this from inside. It's very cool actually and reminds me of an old garage I was hiding in as a teenager smoking a joint. But being here every day would make me crazy. Well, may be later. When I become famous and completely spoiled with fame and money I shall rent a room here to turn it into my small studio where I can hide from my fans and create crazy masterpieces.

My next stop is a Motel. Is it green? It's supergreen! Just a simple place to crash. Looks good.

Inside it's as simple as it looks from outside. Just the minimum needed to relax. A bottle of Jack Daniels would make the rest making this place looking according to the current needs.

My uncle Vince always told me - aim at something you can't afford yet, so you have a motivation to grow somewhere, So, I decided to look for the lofts as well even I am not sure I have enough money for them at the moment. I always wanted to live in a high building like this one.

The view to the city from above is very peaceful. All the troubles and problems of a Big City seem so small from here. And the room itself is quite appealing as well. I really like this place.

While walking on the street and thinking of the houses I've seen so far, I noticed some very fancy looking houses to rent. This one is definitely at least three times as much as my current budget, but...

My uncle Vince has also told me: "Kid, if you dream anyway, let your dream to be a big one. Never restrict yourself within your dreamworld." So, I decided to visit this house as well. Looks quite sophisticated inside. I guess I'll need to hire a designer to decorate this one. Well, who knows, may be later when I get tired of living in a high building.

And at the end, just when I was walking to my shift at the theater I found another house. A big and a nice one. Not sure if it was a real vision or just a mirage, but I took a picture of it with my memory...

Well, I've seen enough for today and now it's time to think and make a decision. It's warm and dry, so for the last time I shall go and sleep on the bench before the Art House and tomorrow will bring me one step closer to my Big Dream. Tomorrow I shall have a house.

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