Sunday, November 10, 2013

Atumnal experience

 Well, guys, I guess I never told you, that I have another very dear place I can call house besides Fogo Loch. A small 512 piece of land at the ocean side I own. A private tropical island. It's always nice to escape there watching sun descending into the depths of the ocean and relax. But being honest, I like the seasons changes very much and being on the same tropical island all the year long can be pretty boring. So sometimes I try to make something else of my little piece of land. And I have to say, it's quite a challenge with 117 prims only.

This time I transformed this island into a piece of autumnal forest with a little cottage on it.

From this point of view it even looks much bigger than the 512 piece of land.

And well, I decided not to abandon the ocean side as I still like the sunsets there. Let's think of it as of a big Lake in the middle of the forest.

And at night, when the Blood Moon rises, the place is turned into a haunted village where the lost demons can find their shelter.

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