Monday, November 11, 2013

Cities of Angels

Cities of Angels is a collection of artwork by Benjamin Glendale selected for the exhibition at La Sociedad de los Poetas Dementes, at the Mexico sim. It's all about cities and urban sims in SL. It's opened from today and can be visited at I love Ben's artwork and it was a pleasure to visit his exhibition there today.

I always loved Ben's rainy works. "I like" (not shown) and "Hunting for room 326" are two perfect examples from his collection giving that nice melancholic feeling combined with the deep mystery the rain might conceal. "Bird's eye" shows the different story - no rain, but fog and a very dramatic sunlight.


 "Wings of Desire" is a another work I can just sit before and let my fantasy to unfold the frozen image into a whole story.

The citiescapes are always appealing to me with their realism and emptiness that triggers curiosities and invites to step in and explore.

And here there is just a random picture of the sim the gallery is located. "A little bit of everything" - as a random local I met told me. Nice place to be.

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