Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Party at Fogo Loch

Last Sunday the throne room of the Fogo Loch Castle was turned into the Temple of Love by the efforts of Tamino and Diara. All shades of the color red were present as well as the obligatory attributes of the Valentine's day. Candles, hearts, bubbles, bonbons and, of course, a lot of warmth and passion.

The evil forces tried to disturb the feast of Love and Passion by interfering with the music stream. The party tended to turn into a "Sing with your Real Voice" contest or "Bring your own music" event, but our Viceroy loggos has fixed the problem. So, here I am proudly presenting you a couple of Party Impressions.

The bubbles and love were sputtered in the air and the chemistry between the dancing partners were almost visible as neon colored flashes. And who is that guy our Viceroy loggos is dancing with? The Prince of Soul Thorten? Well, he has stolen loggos's heart for almost a year already. Let's wish a lot of "happily ever after"to the lucky couple.

When Love enters the game, it always brings some magic with it. The magic of Love can be everywhere. You can discover it as a dark mysterious passion of dance. Or it can hide itself as a white rabbit inside someone's hat.

And wait, tell me who is that handsome guy in the corner? I haven't met him at Fogo before? A new Fogo Loch friend, you are very welcome here. Even if your heart already seem to be taken. Another happy couple. Good luck, guys!

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