Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My little Big American Dream

It's nice to follow the developments of the new GAYstar sim. Each time I come there, I find something news. Slowly the contours of its urban face become very clear. The Big City or the place where the famous American Dream may come true. The place where one can become rich and famous just by the random game of chance. And so I decided to leave my small village home, buy my one way lottery ticket and start my adventure for the treasure hidden under the rainbow. 

And well, just upon my arrival I met an Fairy... or an Angel... Well, actually it was Chris Magic who came into the City a long time ago. And guess what? He got his prize already. He's the manager of dance club here and soon he will give his very first party. I think I smell the scent of success here.

But first things first. I need to find a job, so I can survive the time before my own success story will come true. So, I started right away at the theater. Well, yes, so far it's just a porn theater and my job so far is to sale tickets there and assist the staff. But one day I might taste the success of the stage. 

I haven't expected the requirements of the Big City. It costs a lot of money to live here. So, to make some extra I started to cruise offering escort services at the local shopping and hang out place. Besides some extra money it's also a nice way to build up my network. 

And my dream? Well I spend a lot of time just right in front of it dreaming about the times when I become a famous artist who can make a lot of money with his artwork. I dream about my own expositions, parties and a lot of champagne.

But so far I haven't arranged a house yet. But it's not a problem. As long as it's warm and dry outside I sleep on the bench before the Art House and see the colorful dreams of my bright future.

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