Saturday, September 23, 2017

When time is the only thing left

When darkness falls and consumes the world and time is the only thing left... Be careful who you choose to put on the chair next to you to spend an eternity with.


New Church
:: N :: Mallory Club Chair, Pack Three with Woodrow Side Table, Walnut (re-colored to black!)
Comes in three color schemes with 5 colors in each. Land impact is 3 prims. The table is 1 prim.
Available at On9 event till September 28th.

:: N :: Chronos Wall Clock, Black
Three texture variations - Antique, Blacka and White/Gold, real time (SL) and 4 prims land impact.

Other credits:

*LODE* Decor
Gladiolus Vase [white]

[ keke ]
rainy day table lamp . black

Apple Fall
Portobello Corner Store

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