Sunday, September 3, 2017


Welcome! Please, choose your suitcase containing all assets you'll need during your stay. No, you can't open it, just follow your heart.


Serenity Style
Augusta Out of time Gazebo available from September 4th at We Love Roleplay event starting on September 4th. A retro looking old gazebo would look great inside an autumnal scene. Land impact is 23 prims.

Bee Designs
Vintage Suitcases Gacha is available at Aqua event (September 3rd - 24th). A set of retro looking suitcases for decoration with 9 commons and 3 rares. 1-3 prims per set.

Daisy Basket is available now at The Chapter Four (September 4th - October 1st). A big basket of daisies as a reminder of the summer days. Land impact - 8 prims.

Other credits:

PuffyGrass [Green]

The Little Branch

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