Thursday, September 28, 2017

Attached to what is gone

I really liked the items from the September issue of the Shadow Box by Death Row Designs. Can't wait to see the October round creations. And I guess it's about time, cause those September items, look, they are a but outdated now ;)

BTW - there is still one day left to get the October box with a discount!


Death Row Designs
So, what's Shadow Box? It's a subscription box with 12 decoration items that comes once a month. Every six boxes are connected under one theme and once you collect them all a special award becomes available. Each box contains 12 products - 6 basic ones (called LIGHT) and the same six in a kind of shadowed, e.g. decayed or grungy state (the DARK ones, not just re-colored, but re-mastered). For further information. please, visit -

All six DARK versions of Shadow Box items are presented here.

Other items by DRD used are:
Frame 7 and Old rug 5 from the Mystery Mansion 2 Gacha.

Other credits:

Never Totally Dead
1944  Ruined Building

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