Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The succulentophile cave

Those are the posters by unKindness that you instantly notice at The Mens Dept. Naughty picturers for a Man Cave that you probably keep away from your future mother-in-law's view. I liked the humor of it, but... somehow the decorator in me was more attracted to those succulent plants and the frosty textures of the candles. Inspired for a close-up.


uK - Bachelor Hall Wine Planter
uK - Bachelor Hall Candle
uK - Bachelor Hall Kerchief
uK - Bachelor Hall Table
uK - Bachelor Hall Art Bender v1
uK - Bachelor Hall Art Bender v2
Available at The Mens Dept till September 30th.

Serenity Style
Norah Imagination  Little Library RARE
Loved the vintage interior of this building! I'll show you more of it and it's exterior in one of the following pictures.
Available at The Liaision Collaborative till September 30th.

Aga Cup o' Succulent

Succulent 2

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