Friday, February 28, 2014

Big American Dream III: Becoming an artist at GayStar

Well, guys, the GaySTAR sim is finished and getting popular. And so I thought it might be a good idea to settle down here for awhile and to start to work on my Big Dream. To become an artist. So, I've withdrawn my savings I made working at the Porn Theater and made an easy to follow plan:

1. Rent a place for a studio.
2. Buy the cool artist's gadgets.
3. Place those cool gadgets around inside the studio in a kind of "creative chaos" style and call yourself an artist from now on.

It's an easy one, you see. So, let's start with step 1 which is leading me to the GaySTAR rentals. And I found that this place is already quite popular. Only three apartments were free. Well, I guess the timing is right. A week longer and I'd probably have to join the waiting list while keep sleeping on the bench near the Art Gallery. So, it's no time to sit and think, it's time for action!

Actually there is also a free house available, but this is beyond my budget right now. Especially because of all those cool artist's gadgets on my shopping list. So, which one of those three apartments would it be? Tough call... Would it be building C or A? Would I move next to Epic, a good friend of mine? Or a nice guy Denny I've met recently? Well, Epic and I are already neighbors at Fogo Loch. So, let it be A. And than... Would it be the first floor, so I could watch everything what is going on on the sim? Or shall I move higher and feel myself the King of the World when looking at the world under my feet? Ah, it's a dream and the dreamers should walk with their heads in the clouds. The choice is obvious. And here I am at my new apartment A5.

Let's make this place alive and turn the flat into a cool Studio! An empty canvas is a must. Virgin white and ready to be covered with the patterns of my life. And the Light of course, the Holy Grail of a visual artist. So, let the Light be there! Hmmmm... interesting, this canvas comes with the poses... No, not those poseballs you are thinking of now ;)

Oh, look, I've just started to decorate, but that mess on the table I made is already looking like a "creative chaos"! Great! Oh, by the way. the table and the chair do have those poseballs! So, just come along and help me to test and adjust them :). As you know, the lust and the passion are the driving engines behind the creative process, right? I found one of mine here called Photography.

But I don't want to restrict myself to photography only. So I decided to buy an easel and some oil colors, so I can feed my soul by expressing of its hidden calls onto the paper. And of course because it looks quite cool to have one ;) Gives also an impression of me being a multifaceted person. That's cool!

Well, I guess that's it fir now. The beginning of my new life to follow my Big Dream. It was nice to be able to share this exciting moment with you, guys! So, let me offer you a small gift. I'd like to give you one of my work I made here on GaySTAR sim. The one called Rain. It hangs above the table here in my flat and you can buy it for L$0 if you wish. So, please, be my guest if you'd like to visit me or walk around the sim or may be even move in so we can become the neighbors! See you around!

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