Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Winter Delice

Falling snow is no excuse to miss a High-Tea outside.


Serenity Style
Jessa Winter Set
Serenity Style- Jessa Winter Stall
Serenity Style- Jessa Winter Candle House
Serenity Style- Jessa Winter Flake
Is a prize for a Premium Only MadPea's Winter White Hunt started on December 5th
For more information on Premium Membership, please visit the MadPea blog.

Cozy Winter Set
Serenity Style- Cozy Winter Bench
Serenity Style- Cozy Winter Logs Crate
Serenity Style- Cozy Winter Lantern
Is a part of a Builder's Box December 2018 edition "Snowstorm"

Serenity Style- Fae Christmas Decor  RED
MadPea Penguin Christmas Cake
MadPea Poinsettias Vase
MadPea Hot Drinks Tray
Are the prizes for the MadPea's Magical Christmas Hunt, December 10 - 24

Other credits:

Heart - Snow Drift  - Roses and Fruiting Hawthorn 2 - Plants

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