Friday, December 7, 2018

Cookies contest

The hot spot of the season. Our cookies contest. So, let's taste them and choose the best!

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Velvet Whip
[V/W] Dance Tree Wall Deco
[V/W] Betulla Wall Deco B&W
Available at Imaginarium event till December 31st

[Boomerang] - Coffee Bar Condiments
[Boomerang] - Coffee Bar Machine
[Boomerang] - Coffee Bar Cabinet Light RARE
[Boomerang] - Coffee Bar Crockery
Available at Imaginarium event till December 31st

*AF* Cookie Swap 06 - Hanging Recipes
*AF* Cookie Swap 05 - Framed Recipe
*AF* Cookie Swap 01 - Stand 1 RARE
*AF* Cookie Swap 02 - Stand 2 RARE
*AF* Cookie Swap 04 - Cookie Jars
*AF* Cookie Swap 07 - Platter 1
*AF* Cookie Swap 08 - Platter 2
*AF* Cookie Swap 09 - Platter 3
*AF* Cookie Swap 10 - Platter 4
*AF* Cookie Swap 11 - Cookie Bags
*AF* Cookie Swap 03 - Table
*AF* SOI Hanging Cookie Cutters
Available at Imaginarium event till December 31st

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