Saturday, December 15, 2018

The end of 2018

Sorry, it's a mess here. We are destroying the rest of 2018. But, please, stay and wait for 2019 with me. It will be a beautiful transformation.


MGmen's_Jeams_TicTac_Gianny 5
Available at the Mens Dept till December 30th

..::THOR::..The Homeless Refuge RARE
..::THOR::..Xmas Tree Dark
..::THOR::..Xmas Tree Bright
..::THOR::..Xmas Tree Hipster
..::THOR::..Xmas Tree Plain
..::TH::.. The Dreamer Sink
..::THOR::..Old Radiator
..::THOR::.. Homeless bed
..::THOR::..Bedside Table
..::THOR::..Copper Kettle
..::THOR::..Old Oil Lamp
..::THOR::..Electricity Pole
..::THOR::..Rusty Bucket
Available at the Arcade till December 31st

Other credits:

Seven Emporium
7 - No Trespassing
7 - Striped Warning Sign
7 - Wall AC Unit (Inside)

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