Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Enter the game

There is a new adventure to play since the last weekend. MadPea's Spellbound is open. And what they promise is: "Gather your courage and prepare to confront the evil that lies within the gates of Spellbound Academy. Cast magic spells, search for clues, and solve the mysteries within to bring the darkness to light. Earn new achievements and a variety of fabulous prizes from popular designers."

Please, visit the website for more information.


Ignis outfit for a game player
::GB:: IGNIS Fire / male
MadPea Spellbound Mapleleaf Wand
MadPea Spellbound Pet Owl - Ignis
Please, visit the website for more information.

Other credits:

Death Row Designs
DRD - November Corridor - Hall Tree
DRD - November Corridor - Armchair Black - PG
DRD - November Corridor - Sconce

Pose and Lights: LumiPro 2018

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