Friday, November 2, 2018

A friend in need

When Gloom goes through a difficult period because of his appearance and all his best friends come to support him..

Crhomper: Gloomy, how many times should I tell you? You are good as you are!

Babble: Gloom, you are just beautiful, believe me!

Toxic: That's just another little pimple, Gloom! What a drama! Shall I bite it off?

Zag: Why do you keep spending all your time in front of this mirror, Gloom! There are so many great things we can do together!

Nibbler: If this mirror keeps making you unhappy I shall break it, Gloom!


MadPea Monster Mystery Mansion
MadPea Mini Monster - Gloom
MadPea Mini Monster - Creeper
MadPea Mini Monster - Chomper
MadPea Mini Monster - Babble
MadPea Mini Monster - Zag
MadPea Mini Monster - Nibbler
MadPea Mini Monster - Toxic
Those are the prizes for the MadPea's Halloween Hunt till November 5th
There is still a couple of days left to participate!

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