Sunday, March 25, 2018

My trip to Mexico

Nice room they gave me here. It's a bit hot, but the coffee is great and there is wine...


A&D Clothing
Blazer -Dante
Available at Shiny Shabby till April 15th.

Pants -Austin
Shoes  -Barcelona- Mesh GIANNI
Available at the main store.

:: N :: New Church
Harper Chaise
Available at ILLUMINATE event from March 18th - April 13th.

Galland Homes
Cape Hatteras Dresser
Available at ILLUMINATE event from March 18th - April 13th.

Bee Designs
Southwestern Decor gacha  
Wall Decor
Chairs RARE
Available at Shiny Shabby till April 15th.

Kitchen Goodies
Oranges Basket
Bread Loaf
Coffee Station
Available at ILLUMINATE event from March 18th - April 13th.

Serenity Style
My Attic- Lost Drawers
My Attic- Where is my bird cage
Neva's  Inspiration Coffee Grinder Linked
Norah Imagination  - Stuffs to keep
Norah Imagination - Best Sellers
la buvette Wall Light
All items are from the different gacha sets available at the main store.

Other credits:

Apple Fall
Old Manufactory
Argentinian Malbec
Wine Glasses
'Elvira' Teapot
Tea Tins & Tea Books

{what next}
Colonna Coffee Machine (black)

Tableau Vivant
Oliver hair [M] - Naturals II

Lights and Pose: Lumi Pro 2017

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