Sunday, March 11, 2018

Easter dream

The spring is inevitable.


Galland Homes
Cape Hatteras Bed
Available at Fameshed till March 27th.

Decor Junction and Shutter Field
DJ  / SF Upcycled Seat - Beachy
Available at On9 till March 31st.

Shabby Doors Privacy Fence
Rabbits in Love
Available at The Liaison Collaborative till March 30th.
For more information on the set, please, visit the CHEZ MOI blog.

[ keke ]
Easter Yellow Pack
wild roses - yellow
Aquilegia yellow
wild allium . yellow
windflower . yellow
Available at the main store at a reduced price till March 18th.

feather grass . spring
Available at Fameshed till March 27th.

Gattomiau lying Red

Other credits:

Paris Gazebo
Is a part of Deco(c)rate, February 2018 edition.

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