Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bubble Bath Day

Yep, everyone is taking a bath today. Even those who pretend to be sick or those who are hiding under the bed. Look at the brave elephants already sitting on the bathtub. Or the lions who are waiting for their turn with a smile.


Des Salles Bathroom
Des Salles Shower
Des Salles Bathtub
Des Salles Table
Available at Cosmopolitan till March 10th.
For more information on the set, please, visit the CHEZ MOI blog.

hedda dutch farmhouse
Available at the main store.

Serenity Style
CeCeGy Serie
CeCeGy Bed
CeCeGy  Lamp
Available at Shiny Shabby till March 15th.

.:Bee designs:. 
For Your Babies
Gacha 3 RARE
Gacha 1 RARE
Gacha 2 RARE
Gacha 4
Gacha 6
Gacha 5
Available at Cosmopolitan till March 10th.

Spring Shed Gacha
Available at the main store.

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