Sunday, January 14, 2018


Welcome to your Zenology classes. Please, have a cup of tea and look around. That's all for today. Tomorrow we meet here again and discuss the lessons you've learned.

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Privacy Fence Dark Wood
A part of The All's Stuff Hunt and can be found for free at the main store till January 31st.

:: N :: New Church 
Stella Mid-Century Chair, Oak
Available at The Chapter Four till February 1st.

Tea ceremony gacha set
Garden Tea House - RARE
Stone Lantern - COMMON
Cube Lamp - COMMON
Potted Bamboo - COMMON
Singing Bowls - COMMON
Screen - COMMON
Jade Buddha - Gift of the Guardians
Tatami - COMMON
Tea Table - COMMON
Tea Set - COMMON
Light Console - COMMON'
Available at The Gacha Guardians till January 31st.

Other credits:

Bamboo Palm
Wild Grass Type 6 short olive

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