Thursday, January 18, 2018

Traveling First class

Welcome to our First Class waiting lounge! Let me check... you've order our champagne arrangement, wine arrangement, whiskey arrangement... euhmmm... here is the bar, just take whatever you need...


Kensington Collection
Kensington Couch Sectional
World Map Wall Decor
Kensington Chest Table
Check the CHEZ MOI blog for more information.
Available at Shiny Shabby, January 20th - February 15th.

Julia Foyer Set
Julia Console
Julia Chandelier
Julia Gold-Framed Glass
Julia Gold-Framed Print
Available as a part of Deco(c)rate, January 2018 issue.

Serenity Style
Neige Winter Romance Picnic
Neige Winter Picnic Champagne Bottle
Neige Winter Picnic Champagne Glass
Available as a part of Deco(c)rate, December 2017 issue.

Glam Wish set
Glam Wish Binoculars
Glam Wish Binoculars Case
Glam Wish Cards
Available as a part of Deco(c)rate, January 2018 issue.

Other credits:

Never Totally Dead
Chateau La Lutiniere

Ex Machina
Livingstone Gacha set
Explorer's Canteen
Oil Lamp
Explorer's notebook
Terrestrial Globus

Death Row Designs
Mystic Bastion Gacha
30.DRD MB globe bar

[n.i] nefarious.inventions

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