Thursday, January 4, 2018

Silent sunrise

A slow lazy morning that allows enough time to enjoy a cup of tea and the soft sunlight before you have to leave.


hedda dutch farmhouse
Available at Fameshed till January 27th.

Golden Hall
Pear Mirror
Wall Globe
Picture Frame
Bunt Cake Stand
Round Table
Cactus Plant
Available at Fameshed till January 27th.

Cheeky Pea
Blank Canvas Sectional
Corner 2
Mid 2
Corner 1
Available at Fameshed till January 27th.

Other credits:

Cozy Table Set
Cozy Wheeled Coffee Table
Cozy Mug w/Tea
Cozy Book Stack
From the Decocrate, November 2017 issue.

Apple Fall 
Handbag & Scarf

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