Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ready for the spa?

Well, don't worry as the spa is always ready for you. Waiting peacefully to give you a relaxing experience.


Decor Junction and Shutter Field
A Garden Path Set to prevent the sand adhere to your wet feet while walking for your massage session after a nice swim. Of course can be used for the garden as well. Comes in three texture versions. Four pieces to build a path with. Available at On9 event till August 28th.

Sun Deck so you can enjoy the splashes of sea waves without getting wet. Land impact is 4 prims. There are two versions: DARK and LIGHT wood. Available at the mainstore or on the marketplace.

Serenity Style
Zen Pool Pavilion is a new building fot he August round of Deco(c)rate An Asian style pavilion with a little pool and magnolia blossoms on the water surface to reach a perfect state of zen. Land impact is 15 prims

Yin-Yang Massage Set consisting of the massage table and a curtain is also a part of the August round of Dec(c)rate). Land impact is 15 prims for the curtain and 4 for the table.

Cheeky Pea
The Plum Blossom set consisting of a table with a cloth. a vase with a blossoming branch and a sitting cushion. Another set inside this round of the Deco(c)rate. Land impact is 2 prims for a vase or the table and 1 prim for the cushion (linked together as show on the picture will give 7 prims instead of 8).

Location: (will be re-decorated soon).

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