Friday, August 11, 2017

Fall came early this year

A slightly haunted place. I guess the fall came early this year, but looking more closely I start to doubt if it ever left this place.

It's the Haunted House I decorated inspired by the DRD Sale. I guess I still leave it for another week before starting with a new project -



A Manor Fence Set with a classic Victorian touch with lanterns and rounded lamps. The set includes two texture versions - normal and destroyed with a grungy touch. Land impact - 1 prim for railing or round lamp and 2 for the lantern. At Fameshed now (till August 27th).

Death Row Designs
DRD Rustic cabin
Mystery Mansion - Porch Bench
Mystery Mansion - Baby Carriage

Other credits:

Apple Fall
Whitehall Pathway

Old Tree Brown

Wild Grass Type 6 short brown
Wild Grass Type 6 brown

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