Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another lazy summer day

Hanging around. Alone or with friends. The way to spend the lazy summer days.


Cheeky Pea
Bondi Hammock Seat is a great way to spend a lazy day. Just let it carry your body and let the mind dwell somewhere in a dreamland. Adult and PG version. Available in different texture variations. Now at The Mens Dept (untill August 31st). Land impact is 14 prims.

Cheeky Pea and Second Spaces
And when the friends come over and just a hammock is not enough, there is also a great Retha Nook Set to hang around together. On the picture:

:CP: Retha Corner Sofa (PG)
:CP: Retha Coffee Table Chest

Second Spaces - Retha's Suspended Shelves - dark
Second Spaces - Retha's Lever Lamp - silver/double bend

From Uber event July 2017 (still open till August 23rd)

Serenity Style
The Alboran Summer House from the Deco(c)rate is used to decorate for this scene.

Other credits:

Head Accessory - Requiem (a headpiece used as a decoration item).
From Uber event July 2017 (still open till August 23rd)

Dido Vase With Lillies
Dido Cheese Platter And Wine Glasses
From Uber event July 2017 (still open till August 23rd)

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