Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Royalties of Tropical Flora

Another part of the Serenity Island (my new decoration project):

Spot 2. The Royal Institute of Tropical Flora Studies.

Of course, it's just a small annex of the Institute placed on this small part of the island to follow some very rare local flora species.

You may come to visit this project (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oxygen/36/86/21). Just, please, remember that it's my own home and it's in on-going state of re-decoration. Feedback and tips are welcome.


Beach Dune 1 by Studio Skye
Beach Dune 2 by Studio Skye
Skye Driftwood 1 (pair)
Skye Driftwood 2
Skye Driftwood 8
Skye Driftwood 9a
Skye Driftwood 6
Skye Driftwood 3/9 Tangled Group
Skye Wild Grass Type 4 light green
Skye Wild Grass Type 4 light green
Skye Triple Palm
Skye Twin Palm 3 Tall
Skye Triple Palm Tall
-Boardwalk A  Straight

Apple Fall
1. AF English Folly RARE

NOMAD // Fan Palm Tree // Green
NOMAD // Orangerie Planter
NOMAD // Banana Tree // Single
from Collabor88, April 2017

Shutter Field
[sf] barrel planter with flowers 2

[Con.] Planter's Habitat - Rock Planter

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