Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Not bored on a rainy day

It's a rainy day outside. What helped me to survive it without getting bored? Well, some books and a couple of warm little furries.


Serenity Style
Rainy Day set with some props helping to survive a rainy day. Was presented at the April round of Liaison Collaborative. Available now at Serenity Style mainstore. Items can be bought separately or as a fatpack. The land impact is 2 for the stage, 3 for the chair, 2 for the pile of books and 1 for the letters.

A set of wall pictures from wood and metal was created for The Project Sev7en as a gacha.

Rain set consisting of a pair of pants and a T-shirt. A great house outfit for chores or leisure. There are special versions for a Signature and TMP avatars. Demo is available.
There are 4 color variations for T-shirt and 5 for pants. The price si 300L per color variations. Fatpack costs 900L for T-shirt and 1200L for pants.

Wareframe lamps set contains two lamps of different sizes - big and small.A nice way either to decorate a modern appartment or bring some light to the dark corners of the room. The land impact is 3 for the big lamp and 2 for the small one.

Other credits:

Old Piano Bar Stool - Cream Paint

Gattomiau Siamese
Licking Grey Cat

from The Mens Dept, May 2017

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