Saturday, May 20, 2017

Feeling Blue

Seeking for the peaceful feeling of decay near a wreck.


A&D Clothing
PATRICK: Men's Chinos pants with Leather Belt  for Casual-Wear.
100% mesh for classic avatars (Fitted Mesh) and special versions for Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam. 18 pants colors (with 10 fat pack exclusives), 5 belt colors, 6 buckle and button colors. Materials enabled. Demo is available at the store.

Also wearing Barcelona Shoes by A&D Clothing.

Other credits:

Lapointe & BastChild Designs
L&B *  GIANNIfit*  Swear Blazer with T-shirt
from The Mens Dept, April 2017

CAP MeshBOY ( MOD 2th)
from The Mens Dept, May 2017

Benz Chair
from The Mens Dept, May 2017

trawler boat wrecked
from The 6 Republic Event, November 2016

bollard rope D

Lights: LumiPro 2017

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